The Stanwick Races Group has made several unsuccessful attempts to stage the 10K and the 2K Junior race during the Summer and the coming Autumn of 2021.

Due to an intense programme of Local and National events, which have been carried over from the past 15 months, it has become apparent that we are unable to provide the required full medical cover and to implement full safety measures. With the added uncertainty of Government future COVID-19 legislation, we have been forced to abandon any plans for further races during 2021.

As a result, it has been decided to focus on a fresh start for 2022 and, if possible, we intend to hold our usual Easter Monday event just as we have in previous years, up to 2019.

The next event is, therefore, expected to take place on

Easter Monday, 18th April 2022

We will honour all entries for the 10K and 2K races which have been held over from 2020, and automatic entry into the 2022 races is guaranteed.

Conditions permitting, new entries for the 2022 races will commence in December 2021.

Any contestants who feel they are unable to compete are welcome to apply for a refund of their 2020 entry fee.

To apply for a refund, please see the Terms and Conditions below, before applying to the Race Director for a refund.

Stanwick Races Group



The original entry fee included a booking fee which was charged to SVRG by UK Athletics for the use of their online booking system and is non-refundable. Therefore a reduction of £3 has to be made on each and every entry refunded for the 10K Race. This does NOT apply to the refund of entry fees for the 2K Race.

Refunds can only be made by cheque, as SVRG cannot get involved with personal banking details.

Refunds will only be made directly to the original entrant with no third party involvement.

Refunds will be made by post, and we will require confirmation of a current postal address corresponding to the name of the original entrant, and details of the original address, if different.

Following the issue of a refund, the original Race Entry Number and all relevant personal data will be deleted from the Stanwick Village Races Group Database.

To apply for a refund, please contact the Race Director, Graham Cutmore by email