SVRG Anouncement of refund policy.

SVRG Refund of entry fees policy

Cancellation of the Stanwick Village Races Group Annual 10K and Junior Run 2020

SVRG Refund of entry fees policy

It is with much regret that we were forced to cancel this year’s events in line with National restrictions and limitations. This is the first time in the 18 year history of the event that we have been forced to cancel and because of the difficulty in arranging a postponement we have decided to carry this year’s events over to

Easter Monday 5th April 2021

All pre-paid entries for both events in 2020 are on a data base which is being held securely and will not in any way be made available to anyone other than the necessary responsible members of the SVRG until such time as is necessary to resolve the issues arising.

We are therefore proposing one of the following courses of action for anyone who has a pre-paid entry for the 10K Road Race on 13th April 2020 .

  1. We will retain your entry and carry it over until 5th April 2021 when a new entry into next year’s event will be created and no further cost will be incurred. If this is the chosen option then no further action is required and your details will remain on the data base.

  1. We have been approached by several runners enquiring about refund of fees, and they have generously chosen to cancel their entry and donate the fee to our fund which we distribute annually to various causes. These runners have subsequently had their information removed from the data base.

  1. A refund of entry fees can be made, if required, but only under the following conditions:-

    • Refunds must be applied for by email to the Race Director before 30th April 2020, giving name, address and contact number. This information will then be related back to the original race entry.

    • Refunds will only be paid by cheque and sent by Royal Mail. We cannot make payments which involve personal bank details.

    • All applicants will receive repayment as soon as possible after 1st May 2020.

IMPORTANT. The original entry fee included a booking fee which was charged to SVRG by UK Athletics for the use of their online booking system and is non-refundable. Therefore a reduction of £3.00 has to be made on each and every entry refunded.

Following the issue of a refund cheque all the relevant information will be removed from the SVRG data base.

For more information or to apply for a refund of entry fee please contact the Race Director.